Parenting Support

With her gentle leadership ability, Cristina guides and supports parents to see that their situations are manageable. Then, the work begins to identify strategies that can “fill the toolbox” with tactics, techniques and the confidence necessary to move independently through family conflicts. Some parents opt for this type of therapy (rather than family therapy) as it allows them to discuss some adult issues that may be impacting their parenting. As a parent coach and educator, Cristina specifically can help parents “find a way” to:

  • help their children by organizing routines
  • navigate and understand the social/school connection
  • diffuse conflict in the family
  • define a family mission statement and put it into practice
  • understand and adjust to developmental changes as their children grow
  • establish clear boundaries, rewards and consequences
  • manage technology in the home
  • balance the demands of parenting and work
  • reinforce the therapy process at home